Gill Aerospace


Finite Element Analysis

We provide finite element analysis solutions in cost effective manner. We will work closely with your engineering team and provide time efficient solutions according to your budget. We use Nastran, Patran and FEMAP finite element tools to perform finite element analysis.

Damage Tolerance and Fatigue Analysis

We provide durability and damage tolerance analysis for most of the aerospace structure.Currently we provide damage tolerance analysis only for Boeing fleet since damage tolerance analysis requires large amount of fleet information. We are also open to other OEM fleets if customer has the required information.

Strength Analysis

We provide classic hand calculations solution for most of the aerospace structure. Correlating finite element analysis solutions, test results and hand calculation solutions are very important for certification and validation.

Stress Liaison Support

We provide stress liaison support for damaged structure repairs and structure modification. We work closely with DER to provide certification for all kind of repairs. We understand the time is very important in stress liaison support for all repairs and structure modification activities. We work around the clock for stress liaison support for certification and approval to minimize time.

Defense and Firearms Industry

We provide design and analysis services to defense and firearm industry. We can support firearms development projects from project development stage to production prototype release. Please contact us for more information.